Enrolling and registration

All participants must register before the start of the tournament. You can enrol via this website.

The age groups for the ONJK 2022 are as follows:

U25-group (born in 1997 or after)
Group A  (born in 2004 or after)
Group B (born in 2006 or after)
Group C (born in 2008 or after)
Group D (born in 2010 or after)
Group E (born in 2012 or after)
Group F (born in 2013 or after)
Group G (born in 2014 or after)
Group H (born in 2015 or after)

To determine your age group, we use your year of birth. 

Rate of play

In the A to C groups and U25-group, the rate of play is 1.5 hours plus an increment of 30 seconds for each separate move from the beginning of the match move.

In the D- and E-group, the rate of play is 40 minutes plus an increment of 30 seconds for each separate move from the beginning of the match.

In the F-, G- and H- group, the rate of play will be 25 minutes plus an increment of 10 seconds for each separate move from the beginning of the match. This goes for both the F-, G- and H- tournament as well as the joint FGH-tournament.

Playing schedule

The playing schedule for the A to C groups is unchanged from previous years. These groups each play 9 rounds from August 8rd to August 13th.

The playing schedule for the U25-group will mostly follow the A to C groups' schedule. Two morning rounds (to be decided which) will be left out for the U25-group

The D- and E-group will be playing 13 rounds.

For the F-, G- and H- group, the tournament is split into two parts:

  • a nine round tournament from Monday 8th to Wednesday 10th where all participants play in their own age group (F-, G- and H-group). If less than 20 participants enrol in either the G- or H-group, we'll probably combine both groups.
  • another nine round tournament from Thursday 11th to Saturday 13th where all participants play in one joint FGH-group. If more than 70 participants enrol, we'll probably split this group in two;

Participants are free to participate in one of these tournaments, or both. Also, you may decide up to August 10th to enrol for the second tournament!

Groups A, B and C (subject to change):

Monday  8 aug 13:30-18:00 round 1
Tuesday  9 aug 09:00-13:30 round 2
    14:30-19:00 round 3
Wednesday 10 aug 09:00-13:30 round 4
    14:30-19:00 round 5
Thursday 11 aug 10:00-14:30 round 6
Friday 12 aug 09:00-13:30 round 7
    14:30-19:00 round 8
Saturday 13 aug 09:00-13:30 round 9


Groups D and E (subject to change):

Monday  8 aug 14:00-16:20 round 1
Tuesday  9 aug 09:00-11:20 round 2
    12:00-14:20 round 3
    15:00-17:20 round 4
Wednesday 10 aug 09:00-11:20 round 5
    12:00-14:20 round 6
    15:00-17:20 round 7
Thursday 11 aug 10:00-12:20 round 8
Friday 12 aug 09:00-11:20 round 9
    12:00-14:20 round 10
    15:00-17:20 round 11
Saturday 13 aug 09:00-11:20 round 12
    12:00-14:20 round 13

Groups F, G, H - 1st tournament (subject to change):

Monday  8 aug 14:00-15:10 round 1
    15:30-16:40 round 2
Tuesday  9 aug 09:00-10:10 round 3
    10:30-11:40 round 4
    12:00-13:10 round 5
    13:30-14:40 round 6
Wednesday 10 aug 09:00-10:10 round 7
    10:30-11:40 round 8
    12:00-13:10 round 9

Groups FGH - 2nd tournament (subject to change):

Thursday 11 aug 10:00-11:10 round 1
    11:30-12:40 round 2
Friday 12 aug 09:00-10:10 round 3
    10:30-11:40 round 4
    12:00-13:10 round 5
    13:30-14:40 round 6
Saturday 13 aug 09:00-10:10 round 7
    10:30-11:40 round 8
    12:00-13:10 round 9



There is a cash price and a trophy for the best three in each tournament, as you can see in the schedule below. In addition, all participants in the D-, E-, F-, G- en H-group will get a nice little prize no matter how they perform.

Group   U25*  A   B   C   D   E   F  G H FGH
1    € 250  €  250  €  150  €  100  €    75  €    75  €   50  €    50  €   50  €   50
2    € 150  €  150  €  100  €    75  €    50  €    50  €   25  €    25  €   25  €   25
3    € 100  €  100  €    75  €    50  €    25  €    25  €   15  €    15  €   15  €   15

* With at least 14 participants. If there are less than 14 participants, the cash prizes will be halved.

Entrance fee

Participants in the A-, B-, C-, D- and E-group: € 60,- for the tournament.

Participants in one of the F-, G-, or H-groups (1st tournament): € 35,-.

Participants in the FGH-tournament (2nd tournament): € 35,-

Participants in both F-,G,-,H- tournaments will get a €10 discount and pay a total of € 60. It doesn't matter whether you enrolled for both tournaments right from the start, or if you decide during the tournament.

Titled players (GM, WGM, IM, WIM, FM) participating in the U25 or A-group are not required to pay the entrance fee. Participants with a FIDE-rating over 2200 are not required to pay the entrance fee if they enroll before July 1st.

The enrollment is completed when we have received payment of the entry fee on our bank account.

The money can be transferred to IBAN number: 
NL26 RBRB 0851575854 / BIC: RBRBNL21
on behalf of: de St. Caissa te Hengelo
please mention 'deelname ONJK 2022' and the name of the participant


The results in the A-, B- and C-group will be sent to the FIDE. All results in all groups will be sent to the Dutch Chess Federation (KNSB). 

If you want us to send the results to any other foreign chess federation, please contact us prior to the tournament.

Beste bezoeker, per 25 mei 2018 treedt de AVG in werking. In het kader daarvan melden wij u het volgende. De organisatie van het ONJK verzamelt van alle deelnemers die zich inschrijven naam en adresgegevens en daarbij KNSB-nummers en FIDE-nummers. De naam- en adres gegevens verzamelen wij voor het kunnen communiceren met de deelnemers. De KNSB en FIDE nummers verzamelen wij om indelingen te kunnen maken en uitslagen van wedstrijden te kunnen delen met (internationale) schaakbonden. Daarnaast worden namen en bondsnummers op onze eigen website vermeld bij de uitslagenlijsten. Verder worden er tijdens het toernooi foto's gemaakt welke eveneens op de website komen te staan.

Dear visitor, per the 25th of May 2018 the EU's GDRP legislation requires us to make the following statement. The organising committee of the ONJK collects personal data from participants in the form of names, adresses and associated KNSB and FIDE registration numbers. We use this data to be able to communicate with participants. The KNSB and FIDE numbers are used in order to be able to make the tournament pairings and to communicate match results to the KNSB and FIDE organizations. The match results on our website also mention names and KNSB and FIDE numbers. During the tournament pictures will be taken by the organisation which will be published on our website.